The owners of this Queenslander home wanted to create a fun and inspiring environment to raise their growing family.  Two key desires for the project were to create greater connections with the outdoors at ground level, while still taking advantage of magnificent views available from the upper floor. 

The proposed internal layout of the old home has been reconfigured to locate living areas at the rear of the plan to take advantage of the Northern aspect.  Here, a new void connects the existing, traditional, upper level with the contemporary lower level.  Adjacent the void, a library space containing bespoke sliding doors is able to open completely evoking a verandah spirit and connecting with the canopy of an established mango tree.  Below, the living areas can directly engage with the mango tree, garden, and lawn. An outdoor pavilion and pool are arranged around the perimeter of the yard creating a semi-private lawn for children's play, and ensuring that view corridors from the house are not impeded.

Status: Construction Documentation
Services: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Tender and Construction Stage Services